Social Dancing for Couples

Social Dancing for Couples


This class is designed for couples who wish to learn to dance together without swapping partners.  There will be 2 dance styles taught each week with one Smooth dance for half the class and a Latin American style dance for the other half.

 The class will start with demonstration and tuition in the basic steps of the dance. After walking through the basics solo, a few times, you then try it with your partner.   You will be shown the correct hold for each dance, which enables you to move together comfortably as a couple.  At this time you are ready to start dancing together. We use great dance tracks with  very clear rhythms which are easy to dance to.

Dances will be taught in a 6 week rotation:

          Week 1  Social Foxtrot and Salsa

          Week 2  Social Foxtrot and Salsa

          Week 3 –Slow Waltz and Cha Cha

          Week 4 –Slow Waltz and Cha Cha

          Week 5 – Rhythm and Rumba Bolero

          Week 6 – Rhythm and Rumba Bolero