Our dance classes are fun, very social and a great place to meet new friends.  We’ll show you how easy it is to learn a variety of dances so you will be able to dance to all styles of music for any social event.  Once you have started dance classes you will understand why so many people say it is the best thing they have ever done.  

Partner dancing is a great way to have fun socially and get fit while you’re enjoying yourself.  It’s the best contact sport you will ever play.  In terms of health, fitness, and general well being, dancing is possibly the most beneficial recreational pastime known.  It is a year-round sport, an active and physical pastime that does not place a premium on strength.


The hardest part about learning how to dance is taking the first step and showing up at a class, so remember once you come into the studio you are among friends and you will have a great time.


PLEASE NOTE: After many sleepless nights weighing up the variables, we have decided that Covid-19 restrictions will not allow us to continue teaching the partner dancing we all love.

We will no longer be conducting classes or lessons and we are deeply saddened that we may lose touch with many wonderful friends.  We wish you good health and happiness and hope that in a post virus world we may again share a dance floor with good friends and good music.