Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn how to dance?

Dancing is as easy as walking.  At Freeman’s we break down the steps so that it is easy to learn and we also have staff and medalists there to help so you’re not left on your own.  There is no age limit, no fitness level limit and you don’t need to bring a partner.

Will it take long?

You will be able to dance in your first class.  The length of your training depends on how many dances you would like to learn and how proficient you would like to be become.

Is your system of teaching difficult?

Not at all.  We receive many favourable comments on the way we teach because we make learning fun and easy with all the help you need.

How much do the classes cost and can I afford them?

We like to think that our classes are affordabel to everyone.  Classes are only $12 for adults and $10 for students with reductions for medalists and for regular attendance.  There is also a great saving if you pre-pay for 10 classes, the cost is just $10 Adults and $8.50 Students per class.

I have a pretty busy schedule, what if I miss a class?

Our classes don’t run on courses.  It’s difficult at times for people to commit to consecutive weeks, so our Monday and Wednesday night classes are a beginners class all year round and you progress from there.  It does not matter if you miss a class as you will pick up anything you missed in later weeks and will not be disadvantaged.

Will I have a good teacher?

Ron is the principal of Freeman’s with over 30 years’ experience and oversees everyone’s work.  Ron is an accredited coach, qualified adjudicator and a fully qualified professional dance teacher.  Our medalists and staff train under Ron and use his teaching techniques.

How much help do I get in the class?

We pride ourselves on having a strong network of support, e.g. Staff and Medalists.  These dancer, both male and female, will help you as you move around the circle so that you are not left up to your own capabilities.

Do I have to bring a partner?

No, not for the Monday or Wednesday classes.  You don’t have to bring a partner, but it can make you feel more at ease if you bring a friend.  If you come on your own you will find everyone very friendly and welcoming, so do not be afraid to come on your own.

Yes, on Thursday night which is a couples class only, so if you are not in a couple situation you will need to bring a dancing partner.

If I don’t bring a partner will I have to do the male part?

We usually have approximately even numbers.  Our staff and medalists ladies fill in and do the male part if we are short of men and if we are short of ladies our staff and medalists will sit out the dance and move around the circle offering help to any one that needs it.

What do I wear?

Smart Casual Dress is acceptable.  Men – Jeans or Trousers and a collard Shirt.  Ladies – Dress, Top and Skirt or Pants, which ever you are more comfortable wearing.

What benefits do I receive?

Dancing is your first line of social activity. You will meet heaps of great new friends. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, coordination, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends.

The ideal exercise, stress reliever and it’s heaps of fun.  With the pressures of job and social obligations tugging us every which way, it’s more and more difficult to find time for exercise. Maybe that’s why Australians are struggling with their health and weight more than ever.

It’s no secret that moderate exercises, and sensible eating habits, are the key to remaining trim and fit. However, the thought of spending 30 minutes on a treadmill, or jogging around the block five times is out of the question for many of us. Dancing works like a stress and tension reducer. For the people on a hectic schedule it can become a passion that helps you improve your attitude and increase your confidence in both social and business situations.

That’s what makes dance the ideal exercise! After all, dancing is a mild aerobic work out, minus the boring part! When you take dance lessons you make exercise a fun and enjoyable social event. Your dance “workout” takes place with popular music and everyone in a good mood. It’s fun.

 Many people turn to dancing when the traditional exercise programs fall by the wayside, either because of injuries or sheer boredom, Dancing is a low impact activity. This makes it accessible to people of any age or fitness level. With less emphasis on “going for the burn” and more on having fun; the weight loss, improved circulation and aerobic conditioning emerges as a wonderful side effect. 

 In our dance classes you will learn technique, style and learn how to interpret your rhythm. You will learn how to communicate and dance with your partner regardless of whether you are leading or following and how to interpret music through dance. Your fitness will improve which will, in turn, improve your dancing. You will come to understand lots of different rhythms. Dancing opens many exciting social opportunities and a great way to maintain health and fitness for the whole body. Learning to dance will open doors, and potentially change your life.

How do I get started?

Just phone us (Ron or Bery) on 0409 700 657

Do you have eftpos?

Sorry we do not have eftpos facilities.