Health and Social Benefits

There is no doubt about it, partner dancing is changing the way people feel about exercise, and themselves!  Millions of people every year are enjoying the many benefits that this form of dance provides.  From physical, mental and social standpoints, our favourite recreation is one of the best overall forms of low impact aerobic workouts available.  It’s fun and best of all it’s always done with someone else!

Here are just a few of the many benefits dancing offers:

In terms of health, fitness and general well being, dancing is possibly the most beneficial recreational pastime known.  It is a year-round sport and an active and physical pastime that does not place a premium on strength.  Dancers benefit both socially and physically.


1.  It helps overcome shyness.
2.  Helps develop the art of conversation.
3.  Provides a way to meet people and make new friends.
4.  Keeps people mentally alert.
5.  Most of all it’s fun.


1.  It’s great exercise for overall muscle tone and cardio-vascular fitness.
2.  Helps weight loss or control.
3.  Develops co-ordination and balance.
4.  Helps maintain or improve posture.
5.  It’s relaxing and great for stress relief.
6.  It’s an activity for all ages.

We all know people in their 70’s or 80’s who continue to have fun dancing.  Dancing has come a long way since Grandma and Grandads time, it has developed into an international sport (Dancesport), which is recognised sport by the Olympics and is now seeking inclusion in the Olympics.

Couples or individuals can continue to learn and improve each year, regardless of age.  You  can measure your progress by entering the amateur Medal Tests to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals or higher awards.

Dancing does not have to be competitive it can just be something you do just to meet new friends, keep fit and have fun.  Or maybe for exercise, just like walking or jogging.  Do you want to know more about the physical benefits of dancing?

Cardiovascular:  Dancing can raise the heart rate anywhere from 80 to 120 (more for some of us) beats per minute.  That is the equivalent of most strength training or aerobic programs available.  Sustained in 2 minute bursts over a 45-minute period will build not only your heart’s strength, but its endurance too.

Muscle Tone: Dancing, when danced at an intermediate to advanced level of technique, uses the perfect blend of isometric and isotonic resistance (the two key ingredients to muscle building and toning). The blend and use of the muscles is perfect for building beautiful tone in the muscles without building a lot of muscle mass.

Keep your joints moving: The best way to avoid arthritis, early arthritis and to remedy current joint discomfort is to continue to use the joints in a controlled manner. The graceful rise and fall of Modern Waltz demonstrates this perfectly. What could do this more beautifully and gracefully than Ballroom and Latin Dancing?  

The Spinal Column:  The frame or posture maintained places the spine in a natural and correct position, even more correct than when standing or sitting naturally!  Dancing also helps to put all of your organs in alignment, which is now thought by many doctors and chiropractors to fight sickness, disease, fatigue and more.

Self-Esteem: Almost everyone I know who dances, has found a deeper self worth and holds a greater value in themselves.

Confidence: Many dancers have experienced the thrill (rush) of dancing in front of people. Overcoming this fear increases confidence in dance, in one’s self and in life. Since I started, I approach every challenge in my life with a solid (but realistic) confidence. Most of the dancers I know are the same!

Social Ease:  Comfort and ease in social situations is one of the primary needs in all individuals.  From weekly exposure (and a bit of trial and error), people become much more at ease in a social situation.  Through dance, one learns to engage in conversation, proper social etiquette, and can even help people deal with crowds.  Asking someone to dance is a big first step for many people.  All in all, dancing is the, ultimate source for social education and eventually comfort – not only in social aspects, in day-to-day life also.

Posture, Appearance and Balance: Dancing gives better posture, which in turn gives one a much more attractive appearance. Improved posture improves balance as well. This in turn will help one to move more gracefully, which is explained in the next benefit.

Grace and Poise: Through improved balance and self-esteem, one tends to stand and move in a much more polished and pleasant manner, which also increases confidence and social ease.

Escape From Stress: No matter what you do in life, you’ve got to take a break sometime! Dancing provides a temporary escape from the cares of the world and its pressures and for a few hours a week gives you freedom and enjoyment, invigorating you for your normal responsibilities.

Don’t be Lonely Anymore:  For many people, there is an emptiness, a loneliness, something missing in their life.  Dancing offers something wonderful to fill that void and offers so many great benefits.

The most important thing is that you can come, have fun, have a laugh, meet some new friends, have a great time, and exercise – all at the same time. You will never look at exercise the same way again; dancing just so much fun!